A new MUST in interior design

A new MUST in interior design

A material for all styles

Wood material is becoming more and more popular in the latest decoration trends. In classic or Nordic styles we find wood textures in lighter and more natural tones, but if we look for a rustic style, it will be enough to choose a texture with more contrasts, marked veins or visible imperfections.

But wood is not only used in interior design or 3D projects; it has also become a revolution in exteriors and building construction.

A clear example is the new CMPC headquarters located in Los Angeles.

Being a forestry company, the wood was given all the prominence. A total of 5,000m3 of wood were used in the project. Spectacular! Don't you think?

If you want to discover the complete project you can visit the Madera21 website, which makes an exhaustive analysis of the building and its construction.

Looking for wood textures for a project?

In AIStock Gallery you will find a Premium pack with the 10 images that have been used to create the environment above.

The main advantage of the Premium packs is that our design team has made a selection of textures that coordinate perfectly graphically and colorimetrically, allowing you to create better projects with much less effort. It couldn't be easier!