The First limitless stock image store

The First limitless stock image store

Aitister releases AiStockGallery, the world's first limitless stock image store.

Aitister has been the first company ever to develop an algorithm that can generate high quality, unique and unlimited images, emulating this ability from humans.

One of the great advantages of these designs is that, having been created by an Artificial Intelligence, they will never be repeated, so that the intellectual property of the image is granted to the user.

Thanks to this system and the feedback received from the more than 60 betatesters that Aitister has in more than 10 countries, AiStockGallery, the world's first image bank that will grow exponentially and whose designs are always exclusive, is expected to be launched on the market. Currently focused on images of textures where architects, interior designers, industrial designers and decorators will be able to acquire them to develop their projects. It is planned that the stock of designs will grow towards other types of images such as logos, landscapes and products.

An example is this texture below, there are over 2.000 textures available in the shop, more are being generated with every Data Set.

AIStock Gallery is the first limitless images ecommerce in the world

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